Swift Intervention – Nunieh and the poor among us

The swift manner Governor Wike intervened on the issue of unlawful detention of Ms Nunieh is a good nudge on the Attorney General’s and our courts to respond to the growing number of Unlawful detentions across the country..

Wike, once again reminded us that cases of Enforcement of fundamental Rights can be disposed off in a record time and with such dispatch.

Our judicial Macintosh is replete with delays in administration of Justice to the deserving (even to the undeserving). It leaves us wondering if there are two regimes of laws in our justice system – one for the Nunieh’s and one for the poor masses.

A more troubling development is on the issue of Bail by the courts..

The bail conditions given to suspect weighs more on the scale that they are guilty than on the scale of a mere suspect .

Need I mention those who stayed in a detention facility for months because the prosecuting authority got an extension to detain pending further investigation? Magu stayed for 10 days and was granted bail without an application for extension to detain made by his Judex.

Very many instances of the poor masses not being served with the same Porridge sauce served on the High and mighty.

For peace and development to be in our clime, the goose and the gander must not only be served the same sauce but from the same plate and with the same set of cutleries.

The poor and vulnerable should be availed this urgency and all the waivers including self cognizance availed the powerful and the rich.