LACRI Intervenes and Secures Release for Two Citizens

LACRI intervention in the cases of Mr. Peter Nseyo Eyesuan and Mr. Usen Amos Warri.

Mr Peter Nseyo Eyesuan has been detained since Jan. 2021 without any formal charge, LACRI instituted a suit, case No. HEK/11/2024 and after lots of delays in the process, the court released him pending when a charge is preferred against him by the State.

Mr. Usen Amos Warri had also been incarcerated through a holding charge.

LACRI looked through the preliminary evidence and found out that nothing linked Mr Usen with the holding charge under which he was incarcerated. We engaged the Learned Director of Public Prosecution (letters and personal visits) on the demerit of his continued detention and the DPP conceded to our reasoning and issued a No Case to Answer on Mr. Warri which the Chief Justice approved, and he was subsequently released from prison.

The team lead for both cases is Mr Mfon Etukudo Esq

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